April 17, 2003

Loopy took his car in for repairs again today and it appears to be working now. He can actually drive again. He is very relieved.

I got called to do some silly tech work up in Syracuse next week. Really silly stuff, so silly, in fact, that I can’t find anyone willing to do the work with me. But, they are offering to get me an IBM Certification for it so I am willing to do the work just to enhance my resume. And it is work for a company that I have worked for previously so it is always nice to be able to go back to a place that you have worked at before. It is one thing to get hired because of your resume but another to be asked back. So I am happy about that. And the job is only for 2-3 days so it can only be so bad. Ok, ok, it can be pretty bad.

Tuesday, Min and I are going out to Rochester. She is interviewing for a real estate job in Geneseo and I am dealing with the house.

Min and I decided that we couldn’t stand Zach’s television in the living room anymore so we went to the P&C and bought a $90 20″ Apex television to match my $49 Apex DVD player that is already in the living room. So now, we can watch all of our DVDs down there – previously we were only able to watch DVDs that didn’t have Macrovision on them because we had to pump the DVDs through the VCR. So the only things that we had that we were able to watch were BBC television shows like Father Ted, Are You Being Served, Red Dwarf, As Time Goes By and A Fine Romance. They are great shows but it didn’t give us a wide range of variety to view while we ate dinner. And the new TV is a lot bigger than the old one so that helps a lot too. It isn’t in stereo but boy was it cheap.

I spent most of the day working on installing Windows NT 4 Server and SQL Server 7 on a test machine because I need to test a couple of things out. It seems like that would be an easy job but it always ends up taking all day one way or antoher.

Min and I watched Spirit on the new television to check it out. That is a really good movie. Min had seen it before but I hadn’t. I really liked it.

I won another auction today… The NEW Parent Trap on DVD, still sealed. I already have this movie on laserdisc but it is out of print on DVD and I wanted to be sure to get it. Plus, LD’s are fetching decent prices on eBay these days so it doesn’t seem like such a bad deal to sell off a lot of them now. I have tons of LDs that I will likely never get rid of but some that I can get easily on DVD that I will watch a lot it is worth switching for me. Especially if the LD isn’t widescreen or have digital surround sound. Which most of them don’t.

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