April 27, 2003

Min and I slept in really late this morning after being out so late last night. Around noon everyone was finally moving around the house and Min, Jen and I went down to the Tavern for some lunch. We were planning on doing a little bit of wine trailing but I was feeling really awful from last night so we nixed that idea. Lunch was great but I really couldn’t eat it. We came back to the house and Jen left shortly thereafter to head up to the mall in Waterloo.

Min, Loopy and I played a multiplayer round of Empire Earth. I can’t believe that we have owned that game since LAST Christmas and never played it against each other even once. It was a lot of fun. A lot better than we thought that it would be since the single player version isn’t very good. I bet we will be playing a bit of this game in the near future.

Today we mark the passing of MyMiranda.net. The site has been down for a few weeks but we finally removed the link to it.

I am way behind on the updates but hang in there gang, I will try to fill in the missing days as quickly as I can and I might even be able to keep up. My laptop went to the shop last week and it really through me off for a little while.

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