April 29, 2003

I spent the day working in Syracuse again. Today went a bit more smoothly than yesterday. But of course the day started off with our mail service from our web server being down. So I was panicking about that at 5:30 am before going out to Syracuse for the day. But after I got to Syracuse, everything seemed to settle down and the day went well. Tully and I barely had to do any work at all today.

Finally, my DVD of Disney’s The Moon-Spinners came in the mail. I am really excited about it. I didn’t get to watch it tonight, though, but I hope to get to see it tomorrow. Tomorrow I am going to see Empire State College to get my butt back in gear on my schooling and then I am having lunch with Steve Lucente.

This morning, the telephone service in Ithaca was down. It appeared that all land lines in the 607 area code from Verizon were down. Anyone that I called in the area, including the llama house, Lifestyle Properties, Ajilon, etc. – Verizon just said that the phones had been disconnected. But they came back on in the middle of the day.

Loop, Min and I went out to dinner at the State St. Diner and then came home and played a pretty good game of Empire Earth. I like that game a bit more than either of them do but I am hopeful that it will be a strong multiplayer game in the future. Microsoft has a new real time strategy game coming soon that we are looking forward to too.

Loopy (aka Andy) had a job interview in Rochester this morning. He won’t know how it went until Friday.

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