May 2, 2003

I got up early (for me) this morning and drove on out to Rochester to meet Eric for a round of golf. But the weather was a little bit cold and damp so he wussed out on me. So we went to Jay’s Diner and got some brunch and hung out for a while before heading over to Borders where I needed to do some shopping. We shopped there for a little while and I got an amazing haul of cook books including Thai, Red Hot Chili Pepper Cooking, Russian, German and Polish Cooking, Farmer’s Market and Cooking with Curry. I never cook but I love cookbooks. LOL. Eric and I sat down and had some coffee there while we waited for Josh to join us.

Josh joined us at Borders for coffee for a little while but Eric had to get back to work before long. So Josh and I moved over to Starbucks to work from there. We ended up working all afternoon over coffee and chai.

After Josh took off to head back home, I drove down to Geneseo to meet up with Dominica and her sorority sisters who were all partying down there. We partied for a couple of hours (boy is it weird to party with college kids!!) and then we decided to call it a night early and get some Taco Bell/KFC and head off to Mt. Morris where we had a hotel room at the Country Inn and Suites there right on Route 36 on the north side of town.

This was my first time ever staying in a Country Inn and Suites and we were both really impressed. The room was definitely a little bit pricey for the area but the room and the service was really phenominal. I will probably never have to stay in the Mt. Morris area.

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