May 3, 2003: Scott and Dominica Get Engaged!

So last night, Min and I decided to throw around the idea of getting married this year. So this morning, we headed out to the Village of Wyoming to look at the Hillside Inn to look at wedding options up there. Min really liked Hillside. The location is really beautiful.

After looking at Hillside, Min and I headed over to Wadsworth and spent a few hours hanging out with Arti and Danielle. I haven’t seen their son, Michael, since he was about two years old. He is five now. He has really grown up. It is hard to believe how big he is. We had a really good visit. After that, Min and I headed out to Pavilion for some awesome Davis’ Pizza. I miss getting pizza in Pavilion. I can’t wait until I move back to there so that I can get it all of the time.

After pizza, Min and I headed up towards my parent’s house. On the way there, we pulled over on the side of the road and I asked her to marry me. So now it is official, we are engaged (she said yes, obviously.) Whoo-hoo. We are planning on October 4, 2003. Yes, this year. We decided that we want to get married in the fall and we don’t want to wait until next year.

So we continued on to my parent’s house and told them that we were getting married. They were really excited.

The rest of the day mostly consisted of tracking down people and stuff that we needed to do for the wedding. We are in a bit of a panic because of the timing. Jenn was in Rochester so we headed up there to tell her. We all went to Borders and found some wedding books to get things rolling.

(Update from June, 2006: Jenn had gone to the World War II aircraft museum in Geneseo today and had purchased a small wooden airplane that she was all excited about on this day. Several years later she gaves us the plane as a gift because she had bought it on the day that we had become engaged.)

Min and I went down to the Yott Club in Pavilion to hear Arti’s band Showtime play. We stayed for a couple of hours. The band announced our engagement in Pavilion and played a slow song for us to dance to just before we left. It was really cool to get to see Arti and Danielle again.

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