May 20, 2003

I am finally starting to catch up on all of the dailies that have been missing. It has been a really busy and stressful last couple of weeks so please bare with me. I have put in marker day names for the days that I haven’t gotten around to yet. I will have them filled in shortly.

The weather was beautiful today with a little bit of rain this evening. The gang is planning on going to see X2 tonight. I am not a fan of X-Men, nor did I like the first movie (it wasn’t as bad as I had expected, though.) But everyone is going to see it and Min and I need to get out of the house and just relax for a little bit so it sounds like a good idea.

The plans for the wedding are on hold right now. We don’t know what is going on with it so everyone should hang loose and don’t be offended if things change unexpectently. Min and I did get to go out after work today and do some shopping for wedding bands. We found the ones that we want and we hope to be able to place an order for them tomorrow.

I spend a bit of the day today working on the totally crap Sony VAIO laptop. Don’t ever buy a Sony computer product. Their computers and their service is awful. This thing has cost us more in internal IT resources than any other piece of hardware we have ever purchased. And sending it back to Sony for repairs (which we have to do on a regular basis because the thing is total junk) gets us nowhere either since it is Sony’s policy to wipe your harddrive every time they just look at your computer so you are stuck doing all kinds of work on it no matter what. Totally unprofessional. We would literally save money by driving over this laptop and buying something decent instead.

Eric is planning on working down here sometime this week, either tomorrow or Thursday. I am hoping to get my car into the shop sometime this week but I am sure that that will never happen. I need a checkup and a headlight fixed and I have a brake that is dragging. Everything hits all at once, doesn’t it?

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