May 21, 2003

Tons more time working on the crappy Sony VAIO laptop. I can’t believe what a pain this thing is. I can’t even begin to express how much I hate Sony for having scrapped all of the work that I had done previously on this thing. What jerks they are.

Well, that is the bulk of my day today. Just working on that laptop thing.

I have been trying out the new web and email clients, Firebird and Thunderbird respectively, from the Mozilla project. I didn’t think that I was going to like having the browser split up but it does react a bit faster and I like the new look. Thunderbird is still pretty quirky but Firebird is working really well. I like it and am using at my main browser now. It seems to have most of the advantages of both Mozilla/Netscape and Opera. So it is nice.

Andy is really enjoying his new job with Carrier in Syracuse. This is his second week there and he is getting all kinds of stuff done for them. He really likes the environment and hopes that they will find a way to keep him longer than the original contract was expected to be. But that never happens so it isn’t likely.

I am busy getting papers taken care of today and trying to get things moving with the house in Geneseo. I can’t seem to get my banker on the phone.

It looks like things are going ok for getting the wedding back on track in Wyoming in October. We will see but at least things look better.

Eric is coming down to Ithaca tomorrow to get some work done down here and to deliver a computer that is being re-outfitted for use at the University of Rochester.

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