May 22, 2003

Happy 24th Birthday to Natalie Clarke our Canadian Blonde!!

Eric came down first thing this morning because we needed to get his computer set up and he had to drop off a computer that needed to be prepared for deployment at the University of Rochester Medical Center. In the process of switching computers around, we managed to come up with an extra 3DFX VooDoo 4 graphics card that Bob is going to be using as an upgrade from his VooDoo 3. So he is excited to try Quake 2 again to see how it will look (I remember way back when, when I first upgraded from the VooDoo 3 to the VooDoo 4 on my old PII 350 128MB machine and it was pretty noticeable then – Bob’s PIII 500 384MB machine should really be noticeable.) Bob was also mentioning that he was all nostalgic to play Quake 2 because he was reading the archive of SGL yesterday while he was at school. The archives are almost 2 1/2 years of SGL happenings and news. Isn’t that hard to believe? We have been doing this site for an awfully long time.

I finally caught up on the old dailies and there shouldn’t be any more gaps. I will try hard to keep up again. I should be in town for at least another week so it should be easier to do.

After getting our work done, Eric and I played a round of Empire Earth. Eric decided that he needed to get himself a copy to play on his new computer because he had only played it a little bit and I whooped him pretty bad.

Last night, after going out for dinner at Maxie’s Supper Club for Zach’s birthday, Min and I went to the movie theatre (and got in for free!) to see X-Men 2. I thought that it was a bit better than the first one and so did Min. The guys all went to see it two nights ago and thought it was about the same as the first movie.

After doing tons of work on that terrible Sony VAIO Picturebook, I finally have it mostly working and am ready to start installing the Waste Watcher software on it. What a pain! I am also installing Windows XP Pro on Eric’s old machine at the same time. Keeps me busy that way.

Tomorrow is Andy’s day off so he will actually be home during the day. But he will probably be sleeping for the first half of it.

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