May 25, 2003

At 32 years old, my last hourse died today. Melody has been my horse since I was five years old. She was ten years old when we got her. Over the years, we had six horses on the farm (two mares that each had two children) and Melody was the eldest and the last living. Cleo was the second oldest and died about two years ago. Dad found Melody collapsed in a mud puddle when he got home last night. My aunt and uncle came up to help him try to hoist her up with ropes but she ended up throwing my dad and kicking him in the head and neck. He is ok, though, but really soar. Melody was just too exhausted to get up and they called the vet who came out late this evening and put her down. So, for about the first time in my life that I can remember, the farm has no animals living on it. The three dogs, countless cats, two hamsters, three raccoons and six horses that have all called the farm home over the years have all passed away. Growing up on a farm can be a really sad thing. So many friends have died there. It is especially hard when it is a friend who has watched me grow up all these years.

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