May 26, 2003

Happy Memorial Day!

Today I managed to add a new “Llama Page” to the site. Just a little information (mostly advertising) about llamas. This is from a hand-out that Nate and I were given at the Erie County Fair years ago in Buffalo. We have been hooked on llamas ever since and this is the hand-out that began the SGL odyssey so long ago.

Bob, Loopy, Min and I all did lunch at the State St. Diner this morning and stopped by Borders on the way home. Min and I picked up some tour books on Belize, Central America and Dominica. We are thinking about maybe going to Belize on our honeymoon because it is cool, exotic and far cheaper than going to Disney World (and no one ever does it so that makes us extra cool if we actually do it.) The books make it sound really interesting. Belize is known for its great abundance of wildlife and Mayan ruins. The country speaks English and is a member of the commonwealth so there is little fear of dangerous political turmoil (this small entry on SGL will probably double Belize’s tourism this year.) We got Lonely Planet’s Central America on a Shoestring which tells us that you really can’t get below an inclusive cost of $15 a day in Belize. Darn, I was hoping for someplace cheap.

Kelley’s Heroes had a parade in Caledonia this morning but I didn’t make it. It was just too early in the morning for me to get up and drive all the way out there. It has been an exhausting week and I wanted some time to relax. Min didn’t like the idea of getting up a 6:00am to go watch a parade either. (I am explaining this here so that Josh and Leanne know why I wasn’t there and don’t have to ask me later.) Josh got me the details about the parade last night.

We think that mom has pneumonia now. She is having a terrible time breathing and dad had to run out to get anti-biotics. She is going to see the doctor tomorrow to verify that it really is pneumonia.

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