May 30, 2003

Today was a very eventful day. I was very busy all day dealing with a new account that we have and out new employee who is going to be servicing that account. We are very excited about that.

I had to take my car into the shop this morning and then discovered how expensive the repairs were going to be so I have to take my car into Burdick in a week and a half. I will tell more of the story later.

Right now the big news is that Min and I have to go to Kentucky and meet Francesca tomorrow so we are hitting the road tonight. Sorry for the short update.

Ok, right after writing the update, Min and I hit the road to go to Kentucky. But, that ended up not working well because both of our cars were having brake problems so we made it no farther than the south side of town before turning around to head back home. We will have to see about getting the cars into the shop right away.

So, it ended up being a very short night of driving. Min’s parents are hitting the road in the morning to go down to Kentuckey instead of us.

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