May 31, 2003

Today was utility day for Min and I. We got up and ran out to Livonia to see Eric and Amanda’s new house (this is their first full day in the house and they are busy getting it ready to really live in.) We only had a few minutes there. It is pretty much right in Livonia, a raised ranch on the southeast side of town. They have a good sized lot too. And we got to play with the little puppy that they have now. Sonny, he is so cute! (I guess their next dog will be Cher? I will let Eric respond to that.) After stopping there, we went on to Geneseo and Min had to have pictures taken of her in the wedding dress that she likes so that she can email them to her family for their approval. While she did that, I made a trip to my parent’s house and dropped off a big load of stuff that we were moving out there. Then I headed back to Geneseo to pick her up. But, she was impatient and drove with my aunt to my parent’s house so they called me and had me turn around and go back. Then we drove up to Josh and Joanna’s in Rochester so that I could pick up a load of stuff that I have been storing up there for the last two years (ever since we first moved out of Sanctuary Drive.) It wasn’t a lot of stuff but it was three big items including the enormous Compaq Proliant 6500 server that we have been moving around for forever. I think that it has traveled more than any another piece of equipment that I have ever had which is really funny since it is the largest and heaviest and by far the hardest to move. All of that was then delivered to my parent’s house. After that, Min and I drove back to Ithaca. We had to drive seperately because we are borrowing my mom’s Buick Regal for the week because of my car’s condition.

While we were at Josh’s, I got Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets for Min and Catch Me If You Can for me.

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