June 1, 2003

This morning, Nate, Tammy, Min and I went out to look at Nate’s new house in Trumansburg. After looking at the house, we went to Little Venice downtown and had some pasta buffet for lunch. Then we went and got some warmer clothes, met Bob and Zach and went down to IthacaFest at Stewart Park. We got some good food but couldn’t stay long because it was really cold. IthacaFest wasn’t doing very well because of the weather. Almost no vendors showed up and the people were leaving in droves. At least parking was easy for a change. It is unfortunate, though, that it was doing so poorly.

After going down to IthacaFest, the whole house got together and watched Catch Me If You Can. Everyone really liked it. That is the best movie that I have seen in months. It is really cool because it is based on a true story and there is some good footage additional on the disc with interviews with Frank Abignale who the movie is about. It was really fascinating. The movie has some action and some drama and is pretty deep and times but not so much that it is hard to watch. I was very impressed.

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