June 15, 2003

Happy Father’s Day. I moved the May updates out to the archives today. I can always tell when the site needs to have some content archived because my HTML editor starts to slow down dramatically from all of the text that it has to display and move around the screen. This quarter is going to be a shorter read than most of the last year or so. It has just been a really busy couple of months and has kept me from the updates.

Today I started off in Livonia for the last time this week. Every morning Eric wakes me up by having Sonny jump on my head and bite my ears with his razor sharp teeth. My arms are all cut up from the dog playing. He is a really cute puppy though.

Min and I hung out with Eric and Amanda until around noon when they headed out for Father’s Day celebrations in Rochester and I hit the road to go back down to Ithaca. Tomorrow, Eric and I are heading south to DC for the entire week (maybe we will get lucky and get to come back on Thursday.) So I have a bit of work to do this afternoon to get ready for the trip. It is going to be a really long week; we have a lot of work that needs to be done before we can come back.

Dominica is studying hard today for her Real Estate exams. She has to take the first test on Monday (tomorrow) and the State exam on Tuesday. So Min is planning on returning to Ithaca on Tuesday night and then going back to work at Advion on Wednesday. I am sure that she is really looking forward to being able to spend some time at home.

Nate, Bob and I decided to head up to Cortland for some dinner from Garcia’s. We have really started liking that place. That is about our third time there in the past two weeks. They did mess up my order and gave me a Taco Salad with chicken instead of extra beans. So that was kind of gross (I made them get me another salad… many of the people there really don’t speak English very well so it can be pretty hard to place orders correctly.)

Andy got home at 10:30 tonight. This is about our first time seeing each other all week. So we have tons of catching up to do.

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