June 14, 2003

Today I actually have off. I drove out to Rochester yesterday and Min and I are staying at Eric and Amanda’s new house. Dominica had to get up early and go to Rochester for her last day of real estate class. So I had much of the day to myself. I watched Spirited Away from Ghibli Studios in Japan. It is a really good movie. I am a pretty big fan of anime but this one is really gorgeous.

After spending a few hours at a meeting at the church, Min and I went up to LeRoy to pick up some Chinese food from Lucky House for Father’s Day. Then we headed down to my parent’s house for dinner. We ended up hanging out with my parents until about 1:30am. Then we headed back to Eric and Amanda’s house to get some sleep.

My mom’s new computer arrived this week. She got a new HP Compaq Evo. This is her first new computer since her old HP Pavilion Celeron 366 from years ago. What a huge jump it is going to be as she moves from a Celeron 366 to a Pentium IV 2400.

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