June 3, 2003

Finally, the Llama of the Month is Bob Winans

Bob wins our LoTM competition because he went back this month and read the entire archives while he was at school one day. And that is a lot of Llama News to be reading too. The archives are over two years old now and just packed full of all kinds of weird stuff.

Min and I went down to the Commons for lunch today and tried out the Veg Mex Cantina in the Atrium at the Centres Ithaca. We also picked up our wedding rings from Schooley’s while we were down there. So we are all prepared now!

While I was working on some PHP I watched Anna and the King which I have never seen before. It was pretty good. I really enjoy true stories so that makes it a lot better for me.

I had to take my car up to Syracuse for Roger Burdick to work on today. I am getting the brakes fixed, the headlight fixed and the 30,000 mile service done. The car should be running like a champ by the time they are done with it. It took me forever to get up to the city, though. I got stuck on 281 in Cortland in an accident for an hour. Traffic wasn’t moving at all. That was really a pain. Andy ended up waiting at Burdick to pick me up for more than half an hour. At least I got to listen to all of “Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance” while I was in the car. That is a really good book (i.e. Craig, you should borrow that one.)

After picking me up, Andy and I went down to Cortland and had dinner at Garcia’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant across from Walmart. I have been wanting to try that place out for a while but just haven’t gotten the chance to yet. The place was awesome. And the food isn’t expensive either. We both had a huge margaritta (at $8 each) and the total bill was still only $31 even after we both got huge meals and split an appetizer. I will going back to Garcia’s for sure. And the staff was really nice too.

Eric responds to the May 31 update: No we will NOT be getting a female to call her Cher! LOL, Although I should due to the fact that this seems to be the running joke. Yes, Amanda and I are in the house and you all are invited to come see it any time you like. We live at 4455 Shelly Road, Livonia NY, our phone is now (585)346-2102. We are both exhausted from all of the tremendous amount of work it takes to get a house in order, before a final move, but it will be well worth it. Rachel is very excited about the house and the puppy, but mostly the puppy. I do not have the funds for a riding lawn mower, so I had to buy a cheap push mower to hold me over, unfortunately it takes a tremendous amount of effort to mow because our lot is on the side of a hill. My father has purchased a “fixer upper” riding lawn mower but I have yet to see it. In all I am very thankful to be there and have a home. – Eric

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