June 4, 2003

Today, I decided, that I needed to take some time off and relax because life was just getting to be too stressful. So I worked in the morning and got done what I really needed to have gotten done and then decided to take it easy. I watched the last ten minutes or so of Anna and the King which I didn’t get to finish yesterday and then I watched the wacky Canadian comedy Men with Brooms. It was pretty good. Nothing classic but it was cute and had a pretty good story. But it is really weird (but what can you expect from a movie and ice sweepers 🙂 After that I watched one of my favorite television shows ever, Couping. Bob managed to come home and join me for the last half of episode three and he is hooked on it now. I had some wine from Casa Larga while I was watching. Min, Francesca and the girls got to the house just as the show was finished and we went to FedEx to send out some stuff that needed to be mailed and then we went out for dinner at Friendly’s.

After dinner, Min and I came home and just relaxed. Later on Bob, Min and I sat down and watched the same episodes of Coupling that I had just watched but that is okay because it is a great show.

I talked to the long lost Tim Stedman today and we are planning on doing lunch tomorrow. That will be good because we have a stack of his mail and none of us remember what he looks like anymore!

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