June 5, 2003

This morning I called on a new potential customer just down the street from my house and ended up walking down there to discuss project with them. It made for a good start to the morning. I ordered a new computer for my mom this morning too. She is getting a Compaq d330 Mini-Tower Pentium IV 256MB. It should be in in less than a week. My new client ended up ordering the same computer as well. So the Computing Center is really loving me this morning.

Tim Stedman, our long lost roomate, came over and met me for lunch today. We always talk about doing lunch but only manage to pull off actually doing it about once every two to three months. Tim and I drove down to the Bistro Q for lunch. Boy do they have a good lunch. We sat around and had appetizers for a while to kill time until Min could join us. She got there a little after 1:30 and then we ordered real food. Lunch was great. Bistro Q always delivers.

After lunch, Tim ended up hanging out most of the day. Tim didn’t leave the house until after 4:00. We had a good time.

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