July 15, 2003

This morning I got up and hit the road fairly early in the morning to get out to Rochester to meet Eric and go to the Dell Total Business Roadshow that was going on at the Rochester Marriott Airport (which is actually in Greece and not very close to the airport.) The first part of the show was all about Dell Mobile offerings and wasn’t very interesting. But the second part of the show was about enterprise technologies and was much more interesting. The entire show was done in the back of a semi that opened up into a show room. It was really neat. It was Eric’s first technology show. It was a good one to initiate him into the world of tech shows because it was a short and more casual show than most. I was glad that we went. Dell gave away some good informational resources too.

After doing what we needed to do in the city, Min came up and met Eric and I and we grabbed a quick bite at Jay’s Diner before Min and I dropped off my new Mazda 6 at John Holtz so that they can balance the wheels first thing in the morning. Just as we were leaving the lot, we noticed a black Mazda RX-8 waiting to be delivered sitting on the lot. We didn’t go back to look at it but we will see what we can tomorrow. The car is HOT though!

We have done the final list of what movies we have and which we don’t have. And the official missing movies are the following: Serendipity, Pollock and Dragonheart.. The first two being on DVD and the last one being on Laserdisc. We could have, of course, missed one or two while we were packing them all up and that might account for some. But, we know that Pollock has been missing for a really long time and I have been unable to find it. It is the only one that has really been actively searched for for any length of time. We may just have to accept that someone took off with that one. No one borrowed it, though, it seems to have disappeared out of the closet somehow.

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