July 16, 2003

Min and I stayed with my parents last night and today we have a lot of miscellaneous stuff that needs done. We headed up to the city relatively early and got to John Holtz at 12:30 to pick up my car and drop Min’s off. She needed to have her rear brake pads replaced under warranty before we had to use the car to go any great distance (which we will be doing later today so the timing is pretty good.) We swapped the cars and then grabbed Seth, our Mazda consultant, and went out to check out the only RX-8 that they have on the lot. Seth hooked us up so that we could sit in it and see how it felt (no one can drive one because they are all sold already and the people who have been waiting for them wouldn’t be too happy if people where taking them out for joy rides!) The RX-8 is sweet. It is really comfortable and feels like it will be a lot of fun to drive. I am really anxious to be able to get one. Too bad they aren’t available with the 0% financing for 5 years deal or I would have held out for one. But black is not the colour for it. Silver, yellow, red and blue seem to be the best colours.

Min and I then met Eric for a late lunch at Jay’s (it’s the only place that we ever eat in Rochester.) Eric couldn’t hang out long, though, because he had to get up to Rochester General to work.

Min and my big project today was registering at Target. We went there right after lunch and shopped until we had to go pick up Min’s car. We got a ton of registration stuff taken care of and we should be able to do most of the rest of it online now that the preliminaries are taken care of. After Target, we picked up Min’s car and drove down to my parent’s house to drop off the Mazda 6. From there, around 7:00 pm, Min and I drove south on US390 heading down to Washington. This is Min’s first time seeing the new work that they are doing to get PA15 upgraded to a federal expressway (US99) and she thought that it was a really nice improvement and that it was a really nice, scenic route. The trip took a long time but we finally got to the hospital in the middle of the night. I had a lot of work that needed to be done while no one was there so I got started working and Min took a nap in Wilfort’s cubicle while I worked.

I ended up having to work all through the night which didn’t make Min very happy.

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