July 18, 2003

Today is Min and my last day in DC. I had to work in the city today so I got up normal time and drove into Washington Hospital Center. Phil and I immediately went over to Children’s National Medical Center and did a little bit of work over there. We are really busy getting CNMC ready because we have a new account there that is supposed to be online for August 1. And that is a pretty tight schedule. But we will get it done, as long as the hospital is able to get the information that we need to us by then, which hospitals are notorious for not being able to do. I put in a long day today. I was hoping to get out of the hospital early and beat the weekend traffic driving out to the shore but that didn’t happen at all. I didn’t manage to escape from the hospital until almost 6:00 pm. What a long day after having had almost no sleep all week.

I got back to the house in Annapolis around 7:00 and we decided that it would be better to get dinner before we headed out of town. So John, Michelle, Min and I went to Deep Creek for dinner and Min finally got a chance to try their amazing Artichoke and Leek Lasagna which I am always raving about.

It was really late by the time that Min and I managed to hit the road. About 10:20 pm. We decided that we needed something to listen to in the car on the way so we drove west out to Crofton to hit Borders before headed north out of town.

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