July 19, 2003

Today is my one day away from the DC office. Min and I drove up early this morning, hitting the road from Annapolis around 11:00pm last night after having dinner at Deep Creek and running out to Borders in Crofton to get a few books on CD to keep me awake while I drove. We got some good stuff like “The Map that Changed the World”, “The Sinister Pig” and “The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.” We drove up Route 15 through PA and arrived at my parent’s house around 6:00 in the morning and promptly went to bed. I have been so exhausted all week, this really didn’t help matters at all. But at least we got here. I had to get up around 10:00 and get ready because Min’s parents came out today to meet my parents. They haven’t met yet and we are getting close to the wedding.

Min’s parents arrived around 11:30 in Geneseo where Min and driven out to meet them (at the new house.) Luckily, a carpenter was there working on the house so he let them all in and they managed to go all around the new house and see it even though we didn’t have a key. That was really nice. So that worked out really well. They liked the new house in Geneseo. After touring the house, they all drove out to meet at my parent’s house in Pavilion. We sat around talking for almost an hour before driving out to Letchworth State Park to have lunch at the Glen Iris Inn there. It was a really nice lunch and the weather was just beautiful for going to the park. Mom took everyone over to the Middle Falls Pavilion where Min’s bridal shower is going to be so that her family could see where it was going to be at.

After lunch, my parents drove back home and Min and I took her family (Min’s brother Joe came out as well) and drove down to Warsaw and saw where Eric and Amanda are having their wedding on August 23rd and then headed north to Wyoming to the Hillside Inn so that her parents could see where she and I are having our wedding in October. It was quite the drive. You don’t really realize how much backroad driving you have to do to get around those town down there because there aren’t any major roads going anywhere through that region. It took a good long time to get around. After two hours or so, we got back to my parents and hung out for about another half an hour. Then Min’s parents headed back to Frankfort.

Min and I spent a little more time with my parents before running down to Leicester to pick up my new business cards and to get some stuff for the wedding and then driving out to Perry to meet Arti and Danielle at the Silver Lake Drive Inn and the Charcoal Corral. Bad Boys 2 and Charlie’s Angels 2 where both showing together so we figured it was a good time to go. Before the movies started, we got some pizza and ice cream for dinner.

Bad Boys 2 was good. Not as good as the first one but not bad. It was really gorry though and not for any good reason. It really made it a little bit uncomfortable to watch. But it will probably be the summer’s best action flick so everyone should check it out. It is not appropriate for younger children, though. The second movie provides the important answer to the question of “What do Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, MC Hammer, Crispin Glover, Bernie Mac and Demi Moore have in common?” And the answer is, “Their careers are over.” Charlie’s Angels 2 is, by far, the worst movie that I have seen since The Blair Witch Project. This movie completely derailed and I am sure that it will take each of these people’s careers with it. The original movie was mediocre but this one was horrendous. I wanted to leave and not finish watching it but I didn’t manage to convince Min because she was hopeful that the movie would improve, but it didn’t. There were a lot of good actors who put in cameos or had really small parts. There was even a really funny joke done with a cameo that you can call and ask me so I don’t spoil the only good five seconds of the entire movie for someone who might get stuck having to watch it. Cameos and short roles included Matt LeBlanc, John Cleese, Bruce Willis, Luke Wilson, Owen Wilson and others.

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