July 20, 2003

Oh boy have I fallen behind in the updates! Ten whole days. Oops. This is a really crazy month for me. I hope that things simmer down over the next few weeks. The coming two weeks are going to be the busiest yet this year, though. So, I am not really looking forward to that. Today, Min and I are in Pavilion because we went to the drive-in in Perry last night with Arti and Danielle and it was 2:00am by the time that we got out of there so we decided that staying at my parent’s house would be better than driving back to Ithaca during the night. I have had enough of night driving as it is. Right now, Min is doing some laundry so that we don’t have any more dirty clothes before we move than is absolutely necessary. We have enough to deal with this week without worrying about laundry too. We will be driving back to Ithaca around noon, so I am going to make the update for today short and sweet and move on to tomorrow ASAP because I know you are all dying for something to read 🙂

This evening, I am returning to Washington to work this week (that’s right, Saturday was my only full day in New York.) I will be in DC until Wednesday when Min and I have to get out to Geneseo to do the final inspection of our new house with the real estate agent before we close on it on Friday morning. Thursday will be spent moving. We aren’t sure of the logistics yet, but one way or another we have to be out of the Varna house on Thursday. Friday morning I have to be in Rochester at ESL to close on the house. On Friday evening, Min has to be in Utica for a wedding that she is in on Saturday. We are supposed to be heading to Savanna on Saturday night and Min will be going there either Saturday or Sunday. We don’t know what my schedule will be like yet. The new house and the account with Children’s National Med Center in DC are both keeping me really busy.

Ok, that is enough for today. I will be catching up the last nine days as quickly as I can so look for the updates to be rolling in. I will be working through the night tonight in DC so call my office at (202) 877-0852 during the night if you want to track me down. I will probably be pulling late nights all week long. I have so much that needs to be done that it isn’t funny at all.

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