July 25, 2003: Our First House

What an incredibly long day today was. Wow. I started off with only getting about 1.25 hours of sleep before I had to be up to get up to Rochester to deal with the closing on the house. Dad had to drive me up to the city because I was way too tired to be driving anywhere. I was falling asleep as it was driving last night.

I got to the bank a little early and had to wait for about twenty minutes. But better early than late. Then at 10:00 am I went in and sat for an hour signing all of the closing paperwork. But luckily, everything went through okay and we actually managed to close on the house. Whoo-hoo!! I actually have a house now. I never thought that this would really happen. We have been working on this for so long it didn’t seem real anymore.

While I was closing, Andy drove out to Buffalo for an interview. So when I got back from the closing, I laid down and took a three hour nap to catch up a little bit of sleep.

Andy got me up around 4:00 pm and we all drove over to the new house and my aunt and uncle met us there and we started uploading the truck. Wow was there a lot of stuff in there. It took much less time that loading the truck did. It was nice to see everything come out so quickly and very little was damaged in the move. After unloading the truck, I drove it back over to my parent’s house and then Arti and Danielle came over to help out with getting some of the mess organized and moved to the basement so that there will be room for more stuff to be moved in tomorrow. Min wasn’t around for a lot of the moving because she had to go out to Utica to be in her friend Laura’s wedding. I was supposed to go but with closing today, that wasn’t possible at all.

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