July 26, 2003

Moving Day number two. We got a lot done yesterday but there is just so much left to go. This morning, Andy, Min and I slept in a bit late and by the time that we got over to my parent’s house, they had already almost completely loaded the box truck with another load of stuff that I had been storing at my parents’ house. So we got out of a lot of work. We helped them finish up and then we drove the truck over to Geneseo and unloaded it. It went pretty quickly. After unloading it, Andy and I drove it down to Dansville to drop it off and then drove back to Geneseo to help with moving everything down into the basement. That took quite a while. Most of the afternoon.

After unloading all of that stuff and moving it around the house, Min, Andy and I just collapsed and called it a day. Min had returned from Laura’s wedding at the end of our moving.

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