July 27, 2003

Today is the absolute last day of moving. Andy and I have to drive down to Ithaca to finish up with the house. We had quite a bit of stuff that we had to leave behind last time we were down there.

I took Min to the airport this morning so that she can fly down to Savannah to spend the week with her family down there. They all drove down there on Friday but we were obviously a little bit busy then. It was really nice to be able to drive from the house to the airport in just twenty minutes. I have never lived in such a convenient location to everything. Our spot in Geneseo is really handy.

From the airport I headed straight down to Ithaca and started packing. I beat Andy down by about thirty minutes. We loaded my car up until it was riding pretty low and then loaded Andy’s car full of bulky items that we then ran up to Nate’s place in Trumansburg so that we would have enough room in the cars to get everything that we needed back to Geneseo. Andy hadn’t seen Nate’s house yet so he got the tour. After a quick tour it was back to Varna for some more packing. We got Andy’s car all packed and drove back to Geneseo. We got back around 9:30 pm. Tanner was sitting in the parking lot waiting for us. He hadn’t been there too long. Tanner even brought us some Guiness and some ice to keep it cool. He helped us unload the two cars and then we enjoyed the Guiness. Andy and I are SO relieved to finally be done with all of the moving. It has been way too much moving over the last few days. I can’t handle anymore.

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