July 3, 2003

Today is the first major packing day. I did a bunch of work around the house today and packed all kinds of stuff. I have been packing the DVDs and Laserdiscs and checking them all off as I pack them so we know what is around. There are only a handful of movies that have not been accounted for and only one laserdisc that I can’t find. Dragonheart is missing on LD. I may have just missed it while I was packing them up, though. We will see when we get to the new house. There are quite a few out on loan right now but I think that we know where all or almost all of them are. Min got to come home early from work today at 3:00 so she got to help do a lot of packing to. We were very productive.

Eric had some computer work that had to be done today so he came down around 10:00 this morning and worked out of Nate’s old room all day. He got a lot of work done and learned how to install Windows XP.

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