July 4, 2003

Min and I started the day by packing as much as we could into my PR5 (which is quite a bit) and then we drove to Rochester to visit with Josh and the gang for the Fourth. We got up to Rochester around 4:30 and we stopped at Parkridge Hospital to visit mom who was feeling a tiny bit better for about 45 minutes (she is in room 2109 if anyone wants to stop in and surprise her) before we headed on to Josh’s place in Greece. We got to Josh’s a little after 5:30 and he was grilling up ‘shrooms for us outside on the grill. Phil, Kate, Joanna, Josh, Courtney and James were all there as so was Courtney’s cute little Boston Terrier puppy who we played with most of the night. Dinner off the grill was awesome.

After dinner, we all drove down to Highland Hospital and parked in their parking garage and planned to watch the Rochester fireworks from there. The view was pretty good. Courtney did a great job staking out the spot. It wasn’t too crowded and it was free. The hospital opened the garage for the occasion. It was too bad, though, because some suburban white trash families stood directly in front of Courtney and were incredibly rude for the entire fireworks display. And then when the fireworks were over, one of their kids sat in one of our chairs while we were trying to leave. And the parents talked to them while they sat in the chair. And the kid took one of our soda bottles, then the parents told them not to carry other people’s stuff so the kid just through it on the ground, the DWT laughed and they all just left. Bastards.

Loopy spent the day hanging out with his family in Avon but headed back to Ithaca early. Bob moved out this morning. It is weird having only three of us living in this huge house. But it is only for a little more than a week.

After the fireworks, Min and I went down to my parent’s house and unloaded all of the stuff in the car. Min wasn’t feeling very well so we decided to spend the night there.

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