July 5, 2003: 10 Days to Go!

Sorry about the incredible delay in postings again. Now that I have been home, my laptop hasn’t been unpacked and I have been trying to catch up on everything except the dailies. And now that the wireless system has been torn down in the house, it is that much harder to get the laptop online.

Min and I started the day off with my dad having breakfast up at the Geneseo Family Restaurant in Geneseo, near to where the new house is. Today begins the ten day count down until the proposed closing date on the new house. Whoo-hoo. We are getting really close now. Min and I stopped by the house this morning to see how it was coming along but nothing has been started on it yet… no A/C, deck, carpetting or kitchen yet. But, we are trusting that they will have everything but the deck completed before next week rolls around.

In the mail this morning, I got an offer for 0% financing for five years on a new Mazda “6”. Min and I talked about it, then we talked about it with my parents. Then Min and I drove up to John Holtz in Rochester and talked to Seth, my Mazda consultant, and we test drove a 2003 “6”. Min liked it a lot. I have driven one before and already liked them. So we bought it! Here are the details, 2003 Mazda6, 3.0l V6, 220hp, 5 speed, leather interior, Gun Metal Grey (I call in charcoal) exterior and 17″ aftermarket rims with low profiles on them. We don’t have the car in possession yet, we are waiting for things to clear up on the house before we actually take shipment of it. I am either trading in my baby, my 2002 Yellow PR5 or else someone is going to get to buy it off of me. Craig is thinking about it. Someone should buy it. It is a steal. I have babied that car for 41K miles and almost all of those miles are highway miles. It still has almost 10K miles of warranty on it too plus brand new rear brake system and just had its 30K mile overhaul. So everything is up to date on that car. It has been great and we were thinking about keeping it for a long, long time but this 0% deal actually got me a $26,000 car, a new warranty AND lowered my monthly payment considerably. It was just too sweet of a deal to pass on.

After the excitement of car shopping (Min and I have bought three brand new Mazdas there now between the 2002 and 2003 model years) we headed back down to Ithaca to relax and pack some more. Pack, pack, pack. There is so much packing to do. And now there is nothing to watch in the house either since all of the LDs are packed and the DVDs have already been shipped off to my parent’s house. Luckily, most of the computers are still here. So there is SOMETHING to do in the house other than pack. But very little.

Apparently, my cousins are already going nuts with the incredible movie collection that is now at their disposal. They have over 400 movies sitting in boxes at my parent’s house. Most of which they have never seen. So they went down there this afternoon and were watching movies with wild abandon. They are going to be so excited once Min and I move just fifteen minutes away. Our movie room will never be emtpy, someone will be riding their bike over all of the time to watch movies, I can just see it now.

I am planning on going to Tim’s funeral on Monday morning and then driving to Washington right afterwards. I will be in DC until Friday at the very earliest. I might get stuck down there over the weekend and maybe into the next week but that will be very dependant on how things go down there and on how things are going with the house. If things go well with the house, I don’t HAVE to be back until Sunday of so.

Min has been very busy whipping up honeymoon plans this evening. She is very excited. We are going to Disney World in November during the off season. It will be almost exactly one month after the wedding but it is during the slowest time for both of our jobs and when the vacation will cost the least and we will enjoy it the most.

Andy has been hard at work trying to get some downloadable video games made for a contest that he wants to enter. He has been working on them for days.

Later on, Andy and I drove downtown and visited Bob in his new apartment just above Ragman’s at 110 Aurora St. #4. It is a cozy little place. Couple of skylights with a large brick wall. It is a nice feel. Very handy location too. We headed out to Sammy’s and got some pizza and then just hung out at Bob’s place for a while. Min stayed at home cleaning up her mail. I know that that sounds weird. She went through all of her mail in the closet and filled about thirty (yes, 30) gallons of garbage bag up with it. It is totally amazing that anyone could have this much mail. It is going to be easy to move with this much less stuff. She also watched Punch-Drunk Love and said that it is incredibly awful. She said that it was so bad that it wasn’t even worth finishing after I have made it about 2/3rd’s of the way through it.

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