August 15, 2003

I drove up to Rochester and worked at the University of Rochester today. It is really nice to be able to see all of the messages that people are sending to me. Eric and I worked around the hospital for a while and then we headed out to look for some racks for the house. I need a bit of shelving for the garage and basement. It is really hard to find metal racking that can handle all of the weight that the servers will put on it. But we didn’t manage to find anything that I really needed.

Andy got home from Puerto Rico today. I actually drove past him as he was heading south down i390. So I honked and rolled down the window and we yelled to each other.

Andy said that Puerto Rico was fun but the trip was unproductive and really stressful. On his way home, USAir allowed a Puerto Rican family to bring a yard sale worth of junk onto the plane as carry-on. So, of course, there was no room for Andy’s only luggage, his small carry-on bag. The airline came and took his bag just minutes before take off and wouldn’t give him and chance to check or declare it. So, he knew that that would be the last that he would see of that bag. He didn’t even have any way to put his name on the bag. When the airline brough him his claim check ticket, they attempted to give it to another passenger because they weren’t paying any attention. Andy had to ask them for it or he would never have gotten it at all. Everything that he had worked on during the past week was in that bag along with all of his new clothes and toilettries. The bag was even new.

Bob drove up from Ithaca to hang out for the evening. He is the first person who has come to actually spend some time at the house. We all went out to Walmart to do some shopping and then we drove up to Avon to get some food at Tom Wahl’s. Bob has never eaten there before so he had to try the Wahl burger. After dinner, Min headed off to work and Bob, Andy and I watched MASH. I am a big fan of the original MASH movie.

Dominica managed to get the patio bar furniture put together tonight. We actually have some way to sit around on the deck now.

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