August 16, 2003

Min brought us all breakfast this morning from Dunkin Donuts. Bob is now officially our first house guest to crash here. He got to try out the futon in the living room. Unfortunately, we all had to be up pretty early this morning. Andy was planning on going into work in Buffalo today but no one was answering the phone there so he ended up not being able to go in. Bob had to take off early to get to Cortland. Min went straight to bed as she was incredibly exausted.

Andy and I called Frontier to order Lightning Link today. We decided that we couldn’t manage to go any longer without some form of high speed Internet access so we but the bullet and ordered the fastest ADSL that we could get. John has been really impressed with the speed of his ADSL compared to Road Runner and the price was good and the connection will be in quickly so it seemed to be the right choice. We ordered the Max line so we will be getting 128Kb/s up and 3Mb/s down. That is way faster than RR gets you, they have 64Kb/s up and 1Mb/s down. And ADSL isn’t a shared connection like cable is either. It is much safer. We are still getting the big SDSL line but it is taking too long so we are going to get both. We figured that it would be nice to have two lines anyway since sometimes one goes down (plus we have a dial up line soon too.) The SDSL line is 768K up AND down. So we will have an absolute ton of bandwidth everywhere.

USAir called, they actually found Andy’s bag. They delivered the bag in the afternoon much to Andy’s delight. Andy and I also worked some in the basement getting the office together down there. We are a long way from getting it done but it is moving along. I need to get all of the wiring taken care of before the ADSL line gets in so that we will be able to work as much as possible as soon as possible.

Min and I had a bit of wedding stuff to take care of today so we drove out to Wyoming to meet with our wedding “planner” at the Hillside Inn. After that we headed over to my parent’s where I checked my email and picked up my mail and Min had some dinner.

Andy and I went to Mama Mia’s in Geneseo for some dinner. They have the most amazing pizza. They have a really greasy thin New York style pizza that is really awesome. We got the pizza and we watched Mickey Blue Eyes with Hugh Grant. That is a really funny movie.

Andy decided that he really wanted to see Bringing Down the House so we started watching that when Min went to bed. She had seen almost all of it the other night and finished just as we were getting in with the pizza so she didn’t feel like watching it again. It is a cute movie, Steve Martin does a really good job in it. It is noticable that he is really aging now, though. He has held on for a long time being youthful but the years are starting to catch up with him. Eugene Levy is really funny. One of his funniest performances.

Well, I am starting to do a good job of writing the updates but since I am unable to upload them no one can tell.

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