August 19, 2003

Boy am I glad to be working from home today. I need to have a day just here by myself. I have a lot of work that needs to be done today on the phone so I went down to the basement and got my office more or less setup so that I can work from down there. I have my laptop and my desktop computers setup on the desks and I have my new leather executive chair and everything so it is pretty nice to work down there. I have a lot of desk space compared to what I am used to because I have the three big desks that I had in the old house in Ithaca and I also have the desk that Dominica was using in the closet as her desk. So I have tons of space to spread out. Which is nice because I have to set a lot of equipment on my desk for a while until we get all of our racks and things in place down here.

Min went to her first broker’s open house today in Groveland. She ended up being the only real estate agent who showed up. But it was good that she went, gave her a chance to see a broker’s open house without any pressure. After her open house, she worked at home getting letters and stuff ready to go to people.

I spent a lot of the morning on the phone with the DC office trying to get their printer situation under control. They have a single user that can monopolize a laser printer for over an hour at a stretch and they have to print a lot of stuff because they use paper fax to get information to other offices (I know, how archaic!)

After Dominica got her new phone yesterday, we decided that I would get the same phone because it would be really convenient for us both to have the same model so that we would be able to share charges and other peripherals for them. And I really liked her phone (it is still a flip phone but better than the last couple that I have had.) So I ordered an LG VX4400 just like Min’s (it shoudl arrive in 7-10 days.) And I dropped my rate plan from 1600 minutes to 1500 minutes because I just don’t use that many and I might as well save a couple of bucks in the process. Especially now that we will have real phone lines in the house with long distance and everything. I am sure that I won’t be using my cell phone nearly as much as I have been in the past. So, the new phone will be paid for in just three months of the new service plan. My old Motorola Time Port is totally falling apart. It looks like crap and the buttons don’t work very well anymore and the antenna is bent and the phone turns itself off periodically which is really a hassle. I am really looking forward to getting a new phone. It has been two years and I have been saddles with crappy Motorolla phones for at least three years now, ever since Andy and I lived in Pittsburgh.

My real estate agent at Remax in Lakeville sent me a thank you card and a $50 gift certificate to the Villa Carlo here in Geneseo so Dominica, Andy and I went there for dinner last night. Neither Andy nor I have ever been there before; that is a really nice place. The food was great. Andy and I especially enjoyed their cream of mushroom soup.

After dinner, we ran over to Walmart and did a little shopping. Chicago is out so we picked up a copy of that because Min has been dying to see it for forever (well, at least since it was in theatres.) We ran into Nate’s aunt and cousin while we were at Walmart.

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