August 18, 2003

Time to get back to work after the weekend. I spent the morning working on the big Compaq Proliant 6500 that is sitting in the living room. I want to get it taken care of sooner than later because it takes up a ton of space in the middle of the floor. Min went into the office early this morning because she had a meeting to get to. But, after her meeting there weren’t any available computers at the office so she came home and we drove up to Rochester. I worked with Eric at the UofR for a while and Min went to the Greater Rochester Association of Realtors training class today for their new software. So she was there all afternoon and Eric and I spent the whole afternoon trying to put out fires at work. We ended up being quite busy.

After work, Min and I did some shopping in the city. I hit Borders and picked up the Exam Cram for the Security+ book so that I can prep for the test that I want to take this week. We also went to the mall and Min got a new cell phone because her old one was in pretty rough shape. She got a new LG flip phone – she is pretty excited about it.

We got back from shopping and picked up dinner at KFC/Taco Bell and took it down to my grandmother’s house in Leicester because my aunt and uncle and my cousins are on vacation this week. So grandma is home all alone this week with Peter, the cat.

Just a reminder: Nate’s Party at the Pond is August 30th in Trumansburg. Dominica’s Bridal Shower is also August 30th in Letchworth State Park.

Also! Dominica’s Birthday is THIS THURSDAY, August 21st!! Everyone is invited to come by the new house on Thursday evening around 6:30 to have some cake and ice cream. It is not a surprise party, Min knows people are coming. No presents necessary.

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