August 29, 2003

The end of the work week. It has been a really busy week and there is no work to be done over the weekend with parties and showers and relatives. I went up to Rochester this morning to meet with my account representative at the Berry Company about putting an ad in the Rochester Metro Yellow Pages. Today is the final day to get ads submitted so I had to get it done very quickly. I decided on getting two ads, one slightly larger ad with our company emblem and a small one with just text under two different headings. So, when the pages come out in December, you can see us listed there. It is kind of excited to know that you are going to be listed in the phonebook going out to a million people. We will be putting ads in the Southern Area directories early next year when they come out. Leanne works at the Berry Company so she joined Eric and I for lunch at Jay’s Diner.

Dominica worked last night so she slept during the morning. After lunch, she drove up to Henrietta to meet Eric and I at the Gem Lab to pick up her real engagement ring. So we finally have it and she is actually wearing it now. So everyone can bug her about it, I know how all the girls are. Quick description: 18 small diamonds and 20 small sapphires set in an ornate platinum band with a round center diamond. It is a really neat 1930’s style ring. It is nice because it is very different from anything that anyone else we know has which is always a problem.

I loaded up my car with as much trash from the garage as I could fit (mostly papers and cardboard) and drove over to my parent’s house with it and burned it. The garage is a lot emptier now. What a difference that made. There is still another load that needs to go but the bulk of it has been taken care of. We still don’t have trash service at the house because we don’t know how we turn the service on. I need to talk to Linda, she knows everything. I visited with my relatives for a little while before running back over to Geneseo to get some dinner and Andy and Min at the Omega Grill (that is Min’s favorite.)

Arti went out and picked up a copy of Age of Empires after playing Age of Mythology last night. So now we have another player. That makes eight of us. Enough to play a totally maxed out game. We are really excited. There is Bob, Josh, Andy, Min, Eric, Arti, Jeremy (my cousin) and I now. The house network isn’t totally together yet, in fact, there is no way to support eight players in house yet, but we can support a few. There will be five stable video gaming stations in place soon (three basement office spaces, Andy’s room and Min’s room) and the wireless system will support a few players in the living room or out on the deck plus one or two in the future “theatre room” space. Everyone is pretty excited about the prospects of a huge gaming party.

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