August 30, 2003

Today is the big day. I am heading down to Trumansburg later for the annual “Party at the Pond” and Dominica has her bridal shower at Letchworth State Park. Danielle came over early and helped get Min ready for everything today. She is driving Min over to the shower and coaching her throughout the day to keep her stress under control. Min got out the door (Danielle is driving Min over to the park) around 10:30. I did a little bit of cleaning since a number of our family members will be over to see the house for the first time later today. I hit the road for T-Burg around 11:15.

The party was really good. The crowd was small but it was all people I know which was fun. The weather was a bit chilly but not too bad. Plenty of vegetarian food… it is nice that there are more and more of us around so that it is easily to deal with. I headed back home around 5:00.

On the way home I spent some time on the phone. NTI now has a new Account Manager working from Albany. We are attempting to solidify Upstate New York.

Min had a good time at the shower but she was fast asleep by the time that I got home. Minutes after I got home, about a dozen or more members of my family stopped by to see the new house since just about no one has seen it yet. Min was too sleepy to be able to get out of bed to visit, though. Andy came out and spent time with everyone. Min gave me her engagement ring to show off to the guys since none of the men have seen it yet except for Andy.

After everyone left Andy and I went down to Main St. and got some subs from Aunt Cookies. The girls working there had, apparently, just got a huge load of onions and the air in the restaurant was so full of onion fumes that we both started to cry and ended up crying all through our meals. It was really hilarious. The subs were completely loaded with fresh onion too and we both completely reaked of onions by the time we got back

I worked on the laptop and I watched a couple of movies, Deliver Us From Eva, which was awful and The Godfather Part II which is one of the best movies ever. I am not sure if I have ever seen it. If I did, it was so long ago that I didn’t remember the exact story line. So I didn’t end up going to bed until 4:00 am.

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