August 4, 2003

It’s another Monday. Min was supposed to start working at Youngs and Linfoot in Geneseo today but they weren’t ready for her so we are pushing that off until tomorrow. Andy is liking his new job out in Buffalo at BOC Edwards. But the commute is a killer.

Today was mostly more work around the house and trying to account for all of the DVDs that got shipped over to here. I am in the process of verifying the existence of all of the movies and adding Dominica’s movies into the collection. We have decided that it is time for us to combine the collection and sell off all of the doubles. Luckily there really aren’t all that many doubles. Just about eight or so. The total collection now is up around 670 movies.

While Min and I were out of town, Andy said that he heard more mice in the walls around the stairs going to the cellar. So yesterday, he and Min went to Walmart and picked up a Mouse Cube humane trap. We set it out on the stairs and we caught two more mice last night.

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