August 5, 2003: Bubblegum Blizzard

I was supposed to be going to DC today but I needed to wait for some software to be shipped and it didn’t arrive until today so I get to hold off until tomorrow on my travels. I am happy because I have gotten so little time to be at the new house that I appreciate every opportunity. I did catch two more mice today. That is the fourth and fifth mice so far. This is beginning to be an epidemic.

Min started at Youngs and Linfoot today. She only worked for a couple of hours though. Mostly I got to relax today but Min and I had to run some errands. So in the afternoon we ran to the Verizon store and my parents’ house and my Aunt and Uncle’s house and then up to Home Depot to exchange some stuff for the house. We got back from Home Depot and Andy installed a bunch of bathroom hardware for us. The house is slowly taking shape. Tomorrow we hope to have blinds and stuff on most of the windows. It sucks not being able to control the sunlight right now. We did manage to locate most of the critical kitchen supplied today. We have been dying for some silverware.

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