August 6, 2003: Bubblegum Blizzard

Mice numbers 6 and 7 were caught last night. Maybe we are actually getting to the end of them by now. Well, we can hope at least.

Today I have to head back down to Washington for a couple of days because I didn’t manage to get there over the weekend. This will be my first long trip in the “6”. I worked around the house a little bit this morning and spent some time with Min before she went off to her second day at Youngs and Linfoot. She and I had lunch at the Geneseo Family Restaurant before she went to work. She won’t be real busy with stuff for them for at least a week so we took the chance to see each other for a little bit.

The carpenters came and did some more work on our deck this morning. The deck is now completely built but still needs to be painted. They couldn’t paint it today though because it was pouring down rain. I am just happy to finally have a deck that we can really use and not look funny or have parts laying all around it. Min has been iching to get the lawn bar put together and set out on the deck. Maybe she and Andy will get around to getting that done before I get back. That would be nice. That bar set takes up a ton of garage space that we really need so that we can get two cars into the garage.

I hit the road for DC around 3:30 and arrived at the Comfort Inn at 10:00. Easy drive and I stopped at Taco Bell for dinner and Dairy Queen for a Bubblegum Blizzard (Min and Andy think that bubblegum ice cream is gross.) Min got a call about a part time job today and she went off to have an interview. She thinks that it went really well so we should hear something about that sometime pretty soon.

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