September 17, 2003: 17 Days Until the Wedding!

I am hoping that if I keep up with the site, that I will be able to write enough each day. It is really hard with my hand being numb and my forearm cramping up after every two sentences. This morning I have a meeting with York High School to talk about the services of Niagara Telecom. Min and Danielle sent out letters to 158 local businesses last week on Friday morning and by Saturday afternoon we had already gotten our first call! So, things are starting to look a little bit positive.

Min has decided that she really needs to get a pet hamster so for lunch we went up to the city to meet Eric for lunch and then we went to PetSmart there to get hamster equipment so that we would be ready for when we got a hamster (you are supposed to have their home ready for them because it is very traumatic bringing them home from the pet store.)

Min and I went to our first Chamber of Commerce meeting today at the Caledonia Country Club. We met a couple of people but not many. We didn’t get there until really late because I really wasn’t feeling very well from having been taking ibuprofin. For those of you who have never gone eleven years without it and then try it all of a sudden, be prepared. It does a lot more to make you not feel well than you would realize. I have had a headache, stomach cramps and anxiety for two days now. I have had a terrible time sleeping. Min and I decided that I just can’t be on it anymore and that I will have to talk to my doctor and figure out some alternative solution because this is just awful.

After our meeting, Min and I went up to Greece to pick out a hamster from PetSmart up there (the one in Henrietta only has female hamsters and the Greece store only male.) Our new hamster’s name is Mr. Humphreys. He is really, really cute. We will try to get pictures of him for you all soon. Right now, he is adjusting to his new home. We hope that he will like it here.

Tomorrow, dad and I will be going to the Microsoft conference in Rochester for about half of the day so don’t be looking for me in the afternoon. Hey wow, this is like a real update today! It has really been quite a while. I know that you are all so realived to know that the updates are flowing again.

I think that my arm is feeling a little bit better today; I seem to be able to type much longer than yesterday. So that is a very good sign.

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