September 18, 2003: 16 Days Until the Wedding!

Another day, another update! Whoo-hoo. I can’t be sure but since I got off of the ibuprofin, my arms SEEMS to be doing a tiny bit better. I got a full night’s sleep last night and I feel a hundred times better this morning. Mr. Humphrey’s ran around like a maniac all night and is SO cute. This morning he was fast asleep bundled up in a corner of his cage.

Phil and Kate stopped by last night for a few minutes but I was out when they stopped by. I had to run over to my grandmother’s house for a few minutes to get something for the wedding and they were in and out by the time that I got back. Min had to work last night at the hotel so she didn’t get to go to bed. She got in just after nine this morning.

Today dad and I went to the two Microsoft shows that where being held at the Regal 18 in Henrietta. I love going to shows. They are always a lot of fun plus you almost always get lots of cool fun stuff to take home. We got a good haul today. We each got new t-shirts. Dad won Visual Basic .NET Standard 2003 as a door prize. That was pretty cool. I am sure that he will get a bit of use out of that. And they gave away tons of demo software too. We also got a full copy of Windows Server 2003 Small Business Server which is pretty cool. I stayed up late tonight getting SBS installed on the HP Vectra PII-350 that Eric brought over for me the other day.

Eric and Amanda came over this evening too. Eric wanted to work on his new computer that he got the other day and Amanda hung out with Dominica and they played with Mr. Humphreys. Mr. H has been running like a mad rodent in his little wheel. He sure likes to get his exercise.

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