September 24, 2003: 10 Days to the Wedding!

Boy the wedding is getting close. The kilts should be arriving on Monday. The “parties” are this coming Saturday. What a busy week.

I went out to breakfast with my dad this morning. We went to the Geneseo Family Restaurant on Main St. Min and Danielle are out in Geneseo and Mt. Morris this morning doing sales calls. Hopefully we will have a productive day today. I am working from home again. My arm feels a little bit better today. I am sure that it has improved since yesterday.

For some reason, we lost our web site again today. Our ISP seems to lose its connection on a fairly regular basis. It isn’t very impressive. They seem to deal with it rather quickly but it happens way too often and I always have to call them about it. So we are down indefinitely and I don’t know when this update will get posted. This is really a problem because we are trying to hard to do advertising right now and there is no way for people to get to our website.

Min has to work tonight. I have to play with the little hamster. He is so cute. I am trying to get him to not freak out when we try to pick him up. He is still pretty nervous. But he should get better over time. He is definitely sociable. He is only happy when we are around. As soon as we close up his cage he stands up and looks out at us. He is happy to let me pet him a lot, he just doesn’t want to be picked up yet.

Andy ended up not having an interview today but they rescheduled it for tomorrow. So he should know something tomorrow morning. The interview is with a printing shop in Tonawanda. It is a long drive but it is only a 1-3 month contract so nothing can be that bad and it isn’t during the worst parts of winter so he will probably be fine with the commute. Come January he will really need to find something a bit more local though. His car still requires another trip to the shop because there is something fishy going on with one of the front wheels when he brakes.

Tomorrow Dad, Eric and I have a meeting with some people up at the UofR so I will be out all morning. I expect to be back in early tomorrow afternoon but we will see. Min and Danielle are going down to Ithaca on Friday for Min’s final dress fitting. Michael is coming over to hang out with me when they head down there and Arti is coming by after work so we can play some AoE2. But I have to run to Rochester in the middle of that time so I don’t know all what is going on that day. Megan isn’t able to come up for the wedding so that added some more stress to Min today. I think that Min is on the verge of a breakdown. My cousin Sara is going to fill in for Megan and luckily the dress is actually more likely to fit Sara than Megan so that ended working out really well in the end anyway. There are still about fifty outstanding invitations so if you are one of the many people who have not yet RSVP’d, get that information into us because we have to get a headcount to the Hillside Inn ASAP. Thanks.

Our Internet access for our servers came back on after three hours. Everytime I call to report an outage they ask me if I have restarted my equipment. After four years it has never been my equipment and I call them with outages all of the time. And they always have some silly reason for it too like the port on the switch was bad. I have never heard of switch ports going bad until this company. And they lose more than anyone. I think that they need to find some new hardware vendors if these are the kinds of problems that they keep having. I have a number of pieces of hardware in the house that run all of the time and never have any ports go bad. They must really beat on this equipment. Oh, speaking of equipment… some of the guys here at Niagara Telecom have decided that we are going to (after a few YEARS of discussion) get into the business of making high end video game workstations competing with companies like Alienware and Falcon Northwest. We are going to focus on super awesome AMD and nVidia based machines with all high quality components and reasonable prices. So if anyone is interested in a totally amazing video gaming system, let me know. We can put something really amazing together for you. And our prices will only be a fraction of what Alienware charges for slower hardware. We will be happy to put together either 32-Bit (Athlon XP and MP machines) as well as the new 64-bit machines for those who are really daring and have a little bit deeper pockets.

Ok, that is enough rambling for tonight. I accidentally updated part way through the day so some of you might have noticed that the update got tons longer all of a sudden. That was an accident. Have a goodnight everyone.

After finishing the update and going to upload, our service went down again. So I called into support and talked to them. It turns out that’s support crew are located in New Brunswick, CA. How funny. So I ended up talking to the support guys for a while while we tried to figure out what the problem was and were it was occuring at (looks like the issue is in Georgia.) So I just thought that that was a funny story so now you all know. Ok, goodnight for real this time.

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