September 23, 2003: 11 Days to the Wedding!

Min had to get up this morning and drive down to Ithaca for another dress fitting. This should be her last fitting, in theory at least. Danielle came over this morning to work with me. We got a lot of work done and now I have a big “To Do” list that I need to work on. The company did manage to hire a new Web Developer today from Binghamton. Another guy that we managed to get from our time at IBM a few years ago. I am working hard to get maximum benefit from my year there.

Mostly I just worked around home this afternoon. I have plenty to do here. Min got in from Ithaca around 4:00. Art, Danielle and Michael came over just after 6:00 and Art helped finish putting up the closet organizer system. He also moved the dresser, Min’s desk into the basement and one of the good desks up to the bedroom so that Min can have a nice office up there to work from. Our bedroom looks so much better now, it is really an improvement. And now there is a desk in the basement specifically for administering the servers once they are put into place. So that killed two birds. After we (read: Art) got the closet together, Min spent the evening getting things organized and piled into the closet. I went down to the basement and completed the training videos that I need to do so that I could take my CNS exam. I took it and am now a Novell Certified Salesperson. It isn’t the most exciting certification in the world but it gives us a leg up with Novell as a partner and gives us access to some additional resources that we really need. So it is a good deal.

My arm was a lot worse today so I am starting to take Ibuprofin again, this time in smaller dosages that hopefully won’t make me sick. So far, so good. I am also starting to ice my wrist in the hope that that will bring down some unknown swelling.

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