September 26, 2003: 8 Days to the Wedding!

So after dealing last night with our Internet Service Provider in DC going down, tonight Frontier Lightning Link goes down. I just can’t win. And our SDSL still hasn’t been installed. How ridiculous is all of this. If we can finally convince someone to give us service, the service is crappy. called me this morning to try to tell me that the problem was on my end after their technician last night identified the problem as being theirs. And it isn’t like this doesn’t occur on a regular basis and they always act like it must be my fault and then two hours later they fix the problem and give me some weird reason for what was wrong. It isn’t like anyone ever works on my equipment. Never. We don’t even reboot it, it works so well. I think it is time to just start getting T-1’s and be done with it all. Our SDSL was supposed to be 2-3 weeks to install and we are now into our fourth month and not even a date set yet for the install or even an official acknowledgement of the service being ordered! Bastards.

I slept in late this morning and woke up in a panic because Min was running late for getting down to Ithaca for her final dress fitting. Danielle is driving her down there and both of her parents are meeting her there as well.

I had to run over to Art and Danielle’s house to deal with Michael getting home from school. The school decided to have an emergency drill today and didn’t inform all of the parents that the kids would be coming home much later than they had been told. So Danielle was supposed to have been over to pick up Min at 1:00 and at 1:30 she found out that she had no idea when Michael would be allowed to come home and that they had moved all of the kids off of the school property without notice and were refusing to give out any information about where they were or when they would be allowed to come home. Michael ended up getting home just as I got there so it didn’t really matter much anyone but what a hassle. It turned out that the school had sent home notes with some of the kids to inform the parents about what was going on but not all of them and they didn’t make sure that the parents knew before they did it.

So we finally got Michael over to the house and we got him set up playing some Playstation games while I cleaned the house. Lots of people are going to be here tonight so I have to get the place ready. Min’s dress fitting is in Ithaca (Groton) at 4:00 so they are already on the road and running late. Min called me from the road because we don’t have our marriage license yet and we need to remember to do that on Monday. I am mentioning that here so that everyone who reads this can be sure to double check with me to make sure on Monday that I really did go and get that. That would be really bad to forget about!

I got a lot of cleaning done and then Art came over and played some games with Michael. I did some more cleaning and then the three of us played a little AoE2 before I had to hit the road to get up to Rochester to pick up Trisha for her dress fitting.

It is official about Andy’s job. He got a huge raise and he is heading for Puerto Rico THIS SUNDAY! He is flying down Sunday morning and he will be there all week and flying back on Thursday just in time to be here for the wedding and everything and then they are flying him right back down again. He already has his new cell phone and his laptop. They weren’t able to get him an apartment down there but he has his choice of hotels and the one that he will probably be staying in has free, wireless Internet access. So that is a pretty good deal. And they are paying him for his travel time as well. So he is making out like a bandit.

I ran up to the city to pick up Trisha. She came down and Nate and Tammy were already at the house. Min and Danielle got there just behind us. They did some wedding stuff. The Min, Trisha and I went to the Omega Grill for some dinner and then Min had to go to work and I took Trisha back up to the city.

After taking Trisha back to Rochester, I drove on down to Arti’s house and we played a couple of games of AoE2. Nate came over after the first game and he watched Deliver Us From Eve while Arti and I played our second game and drank all kinds of coffee.

I wrote this update on time but then I didn’t manage to post it so it is going up late.

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