September 27, 2003: One Week to the Wedding!

Nate crashed at our house last night. Today is Andy’s last day here before he is heading down to Puerto Rico. He is flying out of Buffalo tomorrow afternoon at 3:00. Min worked last night so she went to bed this morning while Nate and I started to run errands. We had to first drive up to Fairport to get the van from Josh (Josh rented a van for tonight’s festivities.) We got to check out Josh and JoAnne’s new apartment, it is really nice. Both Nate and I really liked it. After getting the van, Nate and I drove back to Geneseo and got some lunch at Aunt Cookies. Then we decided that we would kill a little time and drive around Conesus Lake like we used to do when we both lived out here many, many years ago. On our way back up the east side, we stopped in Livonia to pick up Eric so that he wouldn’t have to drive himself home later. We got back to Geneseo and picked up Craig who was waiting at my house and then headed up to the mall to pick up Bob and Zach who were waiting for us at Tuxedo Junction. Andy drove over to the mall (he had spent the afternoon at his family’s clam bake) to meet us and we all piled into the big white van and drove over to Media Play because I needed to get some new CD and DVD racks because we need to get our house organized. I ended up buying two $100 racks, one is to hold 1008 CDs and the other will hold 500 DVDs. That should do a lot to get stuff out of our living room and into the basement in a nice and attractive way. I also got a Recoton switch that Andy found that allows me to switch different components going into the television in the living room so that we can have the Playstation hooked up for Michael and the DVD player hooked up without having to go behind the television to switch between them each time. That will make life a whole lot easier. I also got a couple of cheap movies, Kundun and Steve Martin’s A Simple Twist of Fate.

After shopping we went up to Rochester to pick up Joe at his house (which I hadn’t seen until now.) Then we all headed down to the King and I in Henrietta for some dinner. In all, there were nine of us having dinner. Art met us at the King and I. At dinner, there was Nate, Joe, Art, Craig, Bob, Zach, Eric, Andy and I. Phil and Josh met up with us later in the evening since they were both busy early on.

The night was a success. We got home around 4:00 am and I was ready for bed. The girls got home just a little bit before us. They had a good time too.

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