September 28, 2003: Six Days to the Wedding!

Well, most everyone survived last evening pretty well. Only one person ended up getting sick and that was one of the girls so the guys did a good job. Today is mostly a relaxing day for Min and I. Phil, Josh and I had been thinking about going out wine tasting today but we ended up thinking better of it and not having much time to do so anyway.

Phil, Kate and Josh did stop by later with our new washer and dryer. They aren’t really ours but Josh and JoAnne had just purchased these before moving to their new apartment and they don’t have any hookups where they are now so we are the lucky new house with a washer and dryer now. We didn’t have the correct pigtail for the dryer so Min is going to deal with that tomorrow when she can.

After Phil and Kate left to go to a birthday party, Josh, Min and I went to the Omega Grill for some dinner since none of us had eaten all day. While we were at the Omega Grill having dinner, I just happen to see Mary and Jocelyn walking by the window heading to the movie theatre. So I jumped up and ran like mad over to catch up with them. We haven’t seen Mary and Jocelyn in over two years and Dominica has never been able to meet them at all. And with only six days left until the wedding, it was really nice to be able to catch them because they are going to be able to come to the wedding even! So everyone can look forward to seeing them this coming weekend. How cool is that. I had been really worried that they wouldn’t be able to make the wedding. Apparently they had heard through the grapevine that I was getting married but couldn’t find out where or when it was going to be.

So, Mary and Jocelyn came over after dinner at the grill and hung out at our house for a while. They were really excited that we had moved back to the area. We hung out for a while and then went to the movies. After the movies, they returned and hung out at the house until midnight or so. We are so excited to have them back!

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