September 3, 2003

Well, all the teachers are back to work today. Fun fun fun. I worked from home today and Min worked on wedding stuff before she had to go to work at the hotel this evening. I decided that in celebration of the beginning of the school year, I would add something cute to the site. So (I think that Min and Francesca will get the biggest kicks out of this) here is my official Smurf Meter.

Brainy Smurf

You can click on the image of Brainy Smurf to go and find out what kind of a Smurf you are. I thought that that was very entertaining. I need more sleep, I guess.

I have been working on getting an Internet Radio server up and running for forever and finally got that taken care of this evening. What a pain that has been. I have been working on this server for a month trying to get the latest and greatest radio server technology running and it turns out that the latest version of the software is buggy and you HAVE to use the old one. What a pain. So once I switched back to trying to use the old software, everything worked in no time. Well, it is a big relief to have that taken care of anyway. If you want to check it out (I even have this one working with Window’s Media Player AND Zinf, then you should be able to just head on over to Steve’s Internet Radio Station and check it out. If that doesn’t work, then just try typing into the URL field of any stream player. And yes, that means that this works fine on your way cool Sharp Zaurus as well.

Not a lot of news to report to day so I will keep the update short and sweet. I am going to bed early knowing that I have accomplished much. Take care everyone.

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