September 2, 2003

Min and I didn’t get to bed until very late because we were up printing and cutting papers. We finished up around 4:00 am. We woke up this morning around 9:30, shortly before Danielle arrived to work on all of those papers. The three of us spent the morning working on all of the papers for the York PTA. Michael was very excited to be able to play Nintendo Game Cube for a good portion of the day. He played Wave Racer, Simpsons Road Rage and Star Wars Rogue Squandron 2.

I got a lot of work done here at the house today. I spent a lot of the day on the phone. I am working on repairing a computer that was shipped here from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. It was apparently infected by a virus or worm but no documentation of such was given to me so I don’t have a really good indicator of what is going on with the computer. I have updated tons of files on the computer and have been running a number of different anti-virus packages trying to determine what is wrong with the computer.

I did some additional work on today and now the online RSVP is available so that you can just send the confirmation right from there. For those of you who have been concerned that you have not yet received an invitation, don’t despair… Dominica is just getting many of the invites out tomorrow and there are plenty (especially of my friends whose addresses I don’t have) whom are not ready to be sent out at all.

Andy and Nolan finally talked to each other tonight for a couple of minutes but not much was accomplished. School starts tomorrow. But Nate, Bob and Zach had to be at school today to get ready.

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