September 30, 2003: Four Days to the Wedding!

Danielle and I started the day doing a walking sales tour of Caledonia. The town didn’t seem to be very pleased to have us there and we decided that the day was more or less a failure from that standpoint. After making the rounds in Caledonia, we headed up to Chili to visit Art at P Tool and Die. We had lunch there and then went downtown Rochester to see what we could do with Pilato Entertainment where I used to work. We managed to just miss Bruce whom I haven’t seen in years. I have been calling him for weeks but can’t get him to call me back. Hmmm…

After work, Arti and Danielle came over so that Art could work on hanging some bathroom fixtures for us. Danielle helped Min work on her hair for the wedding. The kilts arrived today as did the final bridesmaid’s dress. So Eric and Amanda stopped by so that Eric could see how he fit into the kilt. So far, Eric and I have kilts that fit so we are in good shape for the wedding.

After everyone took off, Min and I headed up to the city to see if we could find the last five seasons of Are You Being Served? which released on DVD today. We didn’t have any luck, though, after running all over the city looking for the shows. We did manage to find some good book deals at Borders and we did end up getting the first DVD of Hamtaro. So we came back home and watched an episode of Hamtaro before going to bed.

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