October 1, 2003: Three Days to the Wedding!

Another day of sales. Danielle and I went to Nunda and Dalton today. Our sales actually went very well. The people down there were very receptive and seemed very happy to talk to us. We had originally been planning on taking the day to hit a ton of towns along the south of Livingston and Wyoming Counties but we ended up barely being able to get done what we needed to in Nunda! So we felt that the day was very successful.

Min and I had to go to Rochester this evening to take care of more wedding stuff. We had dinner with Josh and JoAnne at Bazil in Brighton. That was really good and we got way more than we could actually eat. Then we did our shopping at the mall. That took most of the evening. By the time we got home we were ready to crash.

Josh got his kilt tonight and we haven’t heard that there has been any problems with the fitting so it looks like we are in good shape.

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