October 10, 2003

Danielle and I went down and did sales in Castile this morning. It was a nice morning so we walked all over town. Good exercise. We only had a little while to get all of our sales in because it is a half day at York today and Michael will be home very early. So Danielle had to be done by 11:00.

After this morning’s sales, I headed out to Livonia to pick up a computer that Eric had forgotten about and delivered that up to him and met him for lunch at Jay’s in Henrietta. I didn’t have breakfast so I was pretty hungry by this point.

After lunch we did some running around like going to the bank and then heading up to SoundWorks to pick up my new subwoofer for the basement system.

I got back home and Min and I ran around getting all of the kilts ready to ship out to Scotland Yard this evening. They need to have them by tomorrow. It took over an hour to get them all together and packed back up and ready to ship out. Then Eric and Amanda met us up in Rocehster by the airport at FedEx and we shipped out all of the stuff that we had (the computer that Eric needed to ship out had started in Amanda’s car, then got transferred over to my car to take to Rocehster to give to Eric who put it in his car who then took it home and put it in Amanda’s car to bring to Rochester to ship!) We got everything out in time and then went to the King and I for dinner. It was really good as usual. After dinner we hit Media Play because we all needed some new movies. Min and I just picked up some bargain stuff. A couple Cart Grant movies, a Pink Panther movie and My Neighbor Tortora, a classic anime.

We got back from our outing and Art came over (about when Min went to work) and he and I played AoE2 all night.

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